Presentation Guidelines

ICSTCC 2021 will be held in hybrid format. All sessions will be held both onsite and online using the Cisco WebEx platform. Accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings, provided that at least one of the authors attended the conference and presented the paper.
Each corresponding author will receive via email the links for all the sessions of the conference.
The time frame for each paper presentation is 20 minutes, including questions and discussions with the audience.

Onsite presentations: Each presentation room will be equipped with a laptop and a video projector. All presenters are kindly asked to use this system, rather than connecting their own device to the projector. Please have your presentation on a USB memory stick and bring it to the designated room within 10 minutes before the session starts. A colleague from the organizing committee will assist you to copy your presentation to the available laptop.
The presentation slides have to be compatible with the available system: allowable extensions are .ppt, .pptx, .pdf. If videos are included, they should run under Windows 10 OS without necessitating additional codecs.

Online presentations: For backup purposes, in order to ensure the presentation of your paper, you must create an audio-video recording with your presentation, and upload it using a given Google form. This file will be used ONLY in the event that the presenter of the paper loses the Internet connection during the presentation.
When uploading the video presentation it is assumed, by default, that the presenter gives the organizers the right to play this file during the corresponding session of the conference, if needed.

Tools for recording your presentation:

  • Zoom and Google Meet (Windows, Mac, Linux): Start a meeting where you are the only participant. Share the desired window that contains the presentation. On the additional options button, click on Record. When you end the meeting, the video will be exported on a new folder that contains the recorded screen in an .mp4 format.
  • OBS Studio (Windows, Mac, Linux): Start a new scene with a Window Capture source. You can also include your webcam in a corner including another source Video Capture. You can now click the butting Start recording to start your screencast.
  • MS Powerpoint (Windows, Mac): In the main menu, clicking on Slide Show > Record Slide Show will start the presentation mode and will include your voice as audio after finishing the presentation. You can then export the presentation as an .mp4 video.

Requirements for the video recording:

  • duration of 15-17 minutes (mandatory).
  • maximum file size of 1 GB;
  • the format of the video file should be mp4 or mkv;
  • the sound of the video has appropriate volume and can be understood;
  • aspect ratio of 16:9 with minimum resolution of 720p (1280×720 pixels) (recommended);
  • the first slide with the title of the paper, all authors and their affiliations.